HLL Rapid Weight Loss Program

While we at Healthy Lean Living believe that long lasting results come from a change in lifestyle and a slower, sustainable approach to diet, we also recognise that a quicker initial weight loss may suit some people more. The rapid weight loss program can give you that all important kickstart and motivation to go on!

We do not recommend to stay on this program any longer than 12 consecutive weeks. After that we recommend to join our Lifestyle program .

This is suitable for Guys and Girls wanting to shed some body weight in a short amount of time.

  • Fun and diverse weekly training program.
  • Effective diet and nutritional advise.
  • A private Facebook group with access to Juliana, James and the other HLL coaches.
  • Frequent live workshops (One mid week and one weekend) to go through anything you need help with.
  • Progress and planning reviews every 4 weeks.

£70 monthly fee